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Life becomes meaningful when we have an aim to achieve and a plan to work for. Without it, life becomes dull and boring. More than being a good person, one should aim for useful and fulfilling life.

So we started Better Life Foundation Charitable Trust in 2015.

Our priority programs are-

One tree in a house – every year for 100 days starting from June 5th. 

Then we started a scheme called ‘We too want to study’ , which provides full educational fee for few selected students in the state. 

Happiness Program‘, in which we spend a whole day sharing happiness with  people in old age homes, orphanages, physically handicapped, people who spend their life in wheel chair etc within the state. 

Also we are arranging ‘Students Internship Program‘ in collaboration with prominent universities of India. We are planning to enter into ‘Community Development Program‘ after completion of 3 years. 

We can’t include or protect everyone in need, instead, we can study the problems people in need are facing and equip them with adequate skills to earn a livelihood. Besides this, we can educate their children to earn good jobs which in turn can help them in supporting their parents. In future, they too can be a part of our cause, and turn themselves into responsible members of our society and nation. 

With this intention, we are helping the poor by giving them training in stitching and providing them with sewing machines so they will have a definite method to earn a livelihood. Further, providing them with raw materials, helping them with marketing or sales definitely help them in flourishing in this area. The dresses made during training period are given to poor people and old age homes. We facilitate to sell other dresses in local markets for good prices. 

We also train them production of paper cover for packing medicines in medical stores, making of paper bags and other marketing related areas. Also how to make of ornaments like pendant  with small beads.

They can also earn by sale of pickle, dry chutney, fried items and other snacks. Making and selling Note books, Office files etc, agricultural products (Vegetables, Fruits, and meat). So we are spreading awareness on that account.

We want to give preliminary training and adequate knowledge about jobs so that they can choose their own area of interest.

Our Future Activities:

1.To create awareness in school going students  about the importance of job, supporting parents and also to provide them different types of trainings.

2. To create awareness about Cyber laws with the assistance of Cyber Cell police and technical supporters.

3. To create awareness about road safety, traffic rules, license, insurance etc  with the assistance of Road transport department.

4. To create awareness about epidemics, healthcare etc with the assistance of health department.

5. Awareness about government machinery, financial and medical provisions of government and also help people in reaping these benefits/ provisions.

6. To create awareness about agriculture and organic farming.

To spread these activities to other states and to widen the scope of the organization so as to create new job opportunities, to start new training centres and marketing centres, we need your support. Kindly contact us for further information/ collaboration

Phone number- +91 8113030112

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Mohandas V U

Better Life Foundation (Charitable) Trust

Reg. No. : KSR148/15/IV


Clean Thalangara

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed”.

-Woodrow Wilson

Day -1

Kasargod District ACP inaugurated the waste cleaning activities at Thalangara Harbor, Coastal Police Station, LP School, Children’s Park and Road to the Harbor by NSS volunteers of MIC Arts & Science College in collaboration with Thalangara WASS Arts & Sports Society under the leadership of Better Life Foundation.

Better Life Foundation Chairman Mohandas Vayalamkuzhi, NSS in-charge Mrs.Sajini Mohan of MIC Arts & Science College, WASS Arts & Sports Society Secretary Mr.Ashfaq, Mr.Hydros Jamaat Church Secretary Faisal, Mr.Rahman Padinjar, Mr.Aslam and Safwan ASL Faqal. Mr.Ahmed Thalankara and Mr.Rafeeq Hashim Adhoc Home Style Nullipadi provided leadership.

Thanks :

Rafeeq Hashim Adhoc Home Style helped by providing a plastic cover for collecting garbage.

The WASS Arts & Sports Society helped with water, fruit, masks and gloves.

Dr. Irfan Ahmed assisted with the gloves.

Mr.Muhammad Wasil K. He helped by giving Rs.500 for expenses.

No other assistance or funds were received from anyone.

NB: When I saw the post of Hon’ble Yahya Thalankara, it was shared here. But at night, Thalangara Councilor Shri. Based on Mujeeb talking to Thalangara, he knew that a few more places were left to be cleaned. So at 10 pm, NSS coordinator Sajini talked to the teacher again and decided to do the canceled

Tree saplings were also planted in the children’s park and in the vicinity of the Bekal Coastal Police Station as part of the Better Life Foundation’s 100-day “Umbrella for Earth” program.

Councilor Shri. Mujeeb expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Thalankara.

Day -2

Today, the clean-up operation, led by the Better Life Foundation, was led by about 40 members of the “Oasis Club” in the Geography Department at the People’s Arts & Science College. Better Life Foundation Chairman Mohandas Vayalamkuzhy along with teachers Mr. Bijumon and Mrs. Pravita provided leadership.

Both sides of the road up to Thalangara Pass have been cleared to the maximum. At the very least, there is a lot of mud left in the river. Excluded due to technical difficulties in getting there.

After completing the clean-up operation, the Oasis members had another mission. Study of the Coastal Area.

Civil police officers Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Dileep Kumar, along with Additional Sub-Inspector Mr. Vijayan Sir, took a detailed class at the Bekal Coastal Police Conference Hall for about an hour.

Oasis Club Secretary Zubair Koliadukkam thanked the audience.

He also visited the Kandal forest area. The Oasis Club is expected to forward the report to the Municipal Chairperson, Collector and other concerned officials within the next few days.

Oasis members also planted tree saplings as part of the Better Life Foundation’s “Umbrella for Earth” program.

Thanks again:

Mr. Rafeeq Hashim Adhoc Home Style helped by re-plastering the plastic cover for collecting garbage.

The WASS Arts & Sports Society still helps by providing water and fruit.

No other assistance or funds were received from anyone.

Bekal Coastal Police Station Additional Sub-Inspector Mohanan inaugurated the program.

The Better Life Foundation has a lot more work to do. One of them is planning to organize a free medical camp in July, a group awareness program and a large one-day event with classes on bleaching powder distribution and things to look out for during the rainy season. If friends and well-wishers are willing to help and succeed together, it will no doubt be a success.

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