Flowers of Hope

The aim of creating this project is to spread legal awareness and accurate information about legal rights to women across class and social hierarchies. It fits into the broader framework of Better Life Foundation of spreading legal awareness and making rights accessible. Today 26th January 2021 Republic Day, our new project Officially launched by Kasaragod District Chief Shilpa Dyavaiah IPS. The Constitution is the basic document which governs our rights and lays down the structure by which we are governed. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is referred to as the Father of the Indian Constitution as he headed the Constituent Assembly and played an important part including individual and political rights against the state as well as group rights / socio-cultural rights of the marginalized section. Our constitution is the largest and most detailed in the world. It reflects the Democratic set up of Government. The Preamble is the soul of the Constitution. It includes the purpose, objectives and policies underlying provisions, in the Constitution. Important words include Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and Justice, Equality and Fraternity. The Constitution contains a set of fundamental principles by which our nation is governed. Every law enacted by the government has to be in conformity with the Constitution. It spells out the Fundamental Rights and Duties of citizens. Directive Principles of State Policy and Universal Adult Franchise are two important parts of the Constitution. The Constitution creates checks and balances through Separation of Powers and the power of Judicial Review. It stipulates a combination of Federal and Unitary style of government. It provides for an independent Judiciary and Election Machinery. The Constitution offers Single Citizenship to citizens. Emergency Provisions are detailed for extraordinary situations. It is meant to help the participants of the workshop to negotiate their rights and understand the remedies available to them when rights are violated. Though most women hesitate to approach courts or the police to enforce their rights, knowledge of law is essential to understand the boundaries of law and to negotiate for securing the rights with the background of law. Written in a simple and lucid language, using a question and answer format, it deals with the entire gamut of rights ranging from the Constitutional scheme of rights and moves on to specific domains such as rights within marriage, violence against women, health and safety, rights under labor laws and other related statutes. The emphasis is not on exposing the participants to complicated and confusing legal provisions contained in various statutes. Instead the focus is on interpreting the legal provisions in a manner to protect rights and provide simple solutions to the problems faced by women. Better Life Foundation



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